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Escape to Madeira

The paradise of health and wellness!

In the eyes of the World, Madeira has come to be known as the Floating Garden. This group of Atlantic islands, with its century-old traditions, prides itself in its unequalled natural characteristics and clean, fragrant air


On this enchanted garden isle with its mild climate and average temperatures of 19ºC in winter and 23ºC in summer, Madeira’s visitors will encounter the ideal setting in which to enjoy the perfect balance between body and soul


Madeira’s rich natural and cultural heritage associated with its political and social stability, healthy gastronomy and the hospitality of its inhabitants provide a safe climate and make this a very favourable destination. In these modern times the Madeira Archipelago is considered to be a paradise of health and wellness

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We are a genuine and registered Service Administrate Agency and advertising website with 18 years of experience with private houses and apartments. For a safe holiday or a safe buy a property; we guarantee that you will be in contact direct with owners approved with licences and will pay attention to your rights with the private owners.


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